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Tuition Discounts
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Tuition Discounts

Object & Data Labs has created a host of flexible enrollment plans to provide students and organizations affordable tuition paths based on their training needs along with the incentives to achieve their learning goals. Discounts don't include Crystal Report classes.

Tuition Discounts and Packages
Certificate Discount
Individuals wishing to earn one of our course area certificates can receive a significant discount when pre-paying the required course tuition costs. Certificate discounts for each area are as follows:
Certificate in: Certificate Cost Savings Purchase
Oracle Applications $4,740 $3,005 Order
Data Warehousing Technologies $3,750 $1,800 Order
Storage Management $3,750 $1,800 Order
XML Technologies $3,400 $1,370 Order

Group Vouchers (Transferable)
Purchase course-days in advance and save big money. Group Vouchers can be used by anyone in your organization for any course any time for up to nine months.   Contact us.
Course-Days Voucher Cost Savings Purchase
10 days $4,995 $205 Order
11 days $5,250 $250 Order
13 days $5,500 $1,000 Order
14 days $5,750 $1,250 Order
15 days $5,995 $1,505 Order

Personal Vouchers (Non-Transferable)
Personal Vouchers can be used by an individual to buy course-days at a great price. Take any class any time for up to eighteen months. Contact us.

Course-Days Voucher Cost Savings Purchase
10 days $3,995 $1,005 Order
11 days $4,250 $1,250 Order
13 days $4,500 $2,000 Order
14 days $4,750 $2,250 Order
15 days $4,995 $2,505 Order

Group Rates
Receive substantial savings when registering groups of 15 or more students for both public and customizable on-site classes. Discounts increase with every increment of five additional students. Please contact us for further details.
Early Bird Discounts
Register 21 days prior to class start date or earlier and receive a 10% discount off regular course tuition.
Government Employees
Federal and State employees receive a 5% discount. This does not exclude the early bird discount.

Note: except for the early bird and government employee discount together no other plans can be combined.

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