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Certificate Programs

Object & Data Labs offers fast-track certification programs that integrate our top notch hands-on coursework with lectures and collaborative business-scenario projects to create a perfect blend of learning and workplace preparation. These programs are designed specifically for IT professionals, Financial Analysts, Bio-Technologists and their managers. Each certificate area is carefully tailored to meet the real-world demands of key technologies and their respective job roles. Our programs have both required core classes and a choice of electives. Upon completion of required curriculum a professional diploma will be awarded.

Oracle Applications
Required Course
Relational Database Concepts and Design

Elective Courses (pick 2):
Oracle 11i: System Administration
Oracle Applications 11i: Workflow 2.5
Advanced SQL for Analysts

>> More on Oracle Applications
Data Warehousing Technologies
Required Course
Modeling and Designing the Data Warehouse

Elective Courses (pick 1):
Advanced SQL for Analysts
Relational Database Concepts and Design

>> More on Data Warehouseing Technologies
Storage Management
Required Courses
SAN & NAS Implementation
Disaster Recovery Planning

No Electives

>> More on Storage Management
XML Technologies
Required Course
XML A Comprehensive Introduction

Elective Courses (pick 2):
Designing XML Schemas
Application Development in XML and Java
Intensive XSLT Programming

>> More on XML Technologies

Object & Data Labs Tuition Discounts
An important benefit of Object & Data Labs certification is receiving a substantial discount when you choose to pay for a certificate's required courses in advance. For more on this visit our Tuition Discounts page.


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