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One wag has termed XML "the intergalactic e-speak". XML is the meta-language that along with Schema and XSL Transformer provides the capability of communication between different media and different semantics. Applications that drive the acceptance of XML can be divided into four broad categories:
  1. Applications that require the Web client to mediate between two or more heterogeneous databases.
  2. Applications that attempt to distribute a significant proportion of the processing load from the Web server to the Web client.
  3. Applications that require the Web client to present different views of the same data to different users.
  4. Applications in which intelligent Web agents attempt to tailor information discovery to the needs of individual users.
It is these applications that we have in mind when we present our XML seminars.

Our XML Technologies program is comprised of the following courses:

XML A Comprehensive Introduction

It is no longer enough to just have a presence on the Web; you must also take advantage of the most effective technologies. XML stands poised to revolutionize the Internet, offering an easier way to conduct business-to-business transactions and a better means for searching and managing data. In this four-day course, you gain hands-on experience developing XML-based solutions. You also learn how to integrate XML with existing applications..  ... More

Designing XML Schemas

In order to leverage XML's capabilities as a self-describing and extensible language, we need a way to define the structure and allowable content of XML documents. The World Wide Web consortium to replace XML's DTDs as a specification has defined the XML Schema language. From declaring elements, attributes and complex content models to working with multiple namespace the student in this three-day course will see how XML schemas can mimic object-oriented features of many languages. ... More

Application Development in XML and Java

This four-day course introduces XML and its use with the Java Language. The student is shown what XML is and how to structure and write proper XML documents. Then the combination of XML documents and CSS and XSLT style sheets is presented.. The course also covers the use of Java for parsing and manipulating the information in an XML document.  ... More

Intensive XSLT Programming

Extensible Style Language Transformation (XSLT) is the language used in XSL style sheets to transform XML documents into other XML documents. An XSL processor reads the XML document and follows the instructions in the XSL style sheet, then it outputs a new XML document or XML-document fragment. This three-day course develops the need for XSLT and shows, using examples, how XSLT can be used to produce strikingly different output documents from the same XML sources.  ... More

XML Design

XML is rapidly becoming the mechanism of choice for application designers who need to share data, store data or transmit data over the network. The platform and language agnostic nature of XML makes it a natural choice for developers building cross-platform applications. Its readability and ease of use, along with the availability of several standard parsing libraries, makes it an attractive option even when platform independence isn't a necessity.  ... More

XML Security

On the internet and the XML world in particular, there is a strong emphasis on security to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of communications on a public medium. The protection of the integrity of the electronic business transactions is also paramount. That is why several working groups of the W3C are working on a variety of security initiatives. These include XML Signatures, XML Encryption, XML Key Management and AAA (Authentication, Authorization and Administration).  ... More

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